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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

General Or Legal Transcription from Home - More Leads

    There are immense opportunities to work from home for all those experienced transcription professinals. Find below some more leads to work from home as a General or Legal Transcriber

  1. Alderson Court Reporting

  2. Alderson is always lookig for professional people who are court reporters or videographers. You can fill in their online application form and submit your resume.

  3. Diversified Reporting

  4. DRS is a woman owned business. It works nationally and is always looking for field reporters. At this point of time Diversified Reporting is not looking for any in-house operators, but you can keep checking for the available positions.

  5. Outsec

  6. Outsec is always looking for typists with a minium of 2 years of experience and a typing speed of 70 wpm. They accept applications from all parts of the world.

  7. Production Transcription

  8. Prodction Transcription accepts applications through online submission form. They are looking for transcribers who are highly proficient and experienced.

  9. RNK Productions

  10. RNK Productions is and entertainment based transcription company located in Burbank and is always looking for mature, reliable and accurate home based staff across the country.

  11. SpeakWrite

  12. SpeakWrite is currently hiring legal and general typists throughout the United States and Canada to work as independent contractors from their homes.

  13. Transcript Divas

  14. Transcript Divas is always looking for work from home transcription professionals who can deliver their work on time and is now in urgent requirement of transcribers.

  15. TASK Transcription Services

  16. TASK has been providing word processing services to law firms, doctors, etc., since 1988. You will work from home as independent contractors for TASK, they have opportunities for General / Legal Transcription.

  17. Tereden Transcription

  18. In order to work for Tereden, you must possess a typing speed of 85 wpm and have atleast six months of transcription experience.

  19. Ubiqus

  20. If you are interested to working for Ubiqus, they have online application form in their web portal to fill in and submit your profile.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

General, Financial and Legal Transcription from Home

In continuous to my previous post on General Transcription, below are few more leads on General and, as well Financial and Legal Transcription.

  1. AccuTransGlobal

    AccuTran Global is an Ontario-based online virtual business services company established in November 2002. They employ home source workers throughout North America and internationally to provide variety of services like transcription, translation, proofreading, bookkeeping, Tax Preparation to their clients.

  3. Cyber Dictate

    Cyber Dictators are Independent Contractors and they are expected to possess the necessary equipment to complete work product per their client's specifications and  requirements. They only accept Legal Transcriber Applicants and work only with US based transcribers.

  5. Capital Typing

    Capital Typing is currently seeking qualified people to offer professional business services to our clients. They began as a Transcription Company, with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. They are experts in all types of transcription.

  7. Cambridge Transcriptions

    Cambridge Transcriptions is a growing group of talented and focused people. Cambridge Transcriptions is constantly looking for intelligent and capable people to join the staff. Reliable part-time positions are available, either on-site or off-site.

  9. CMR Transcription

    They are always looking for high quality real-time transcribers and captionists. CMR's independent contractors work from home and have flexible hours. To be considered as an IC at CMR, you must be able to transcribe real-time with 98+% accuracy.

  11. Dion Data Solutions

  12. DionData Solutions is a legitimate Data Management Service Bureau. We provide all training and programs at NO cost to you with no requested hidden fees of any kind.  You need to keep checking with them to find out the projects available. Depending on their requirement they sometimes accept applications from International vendors and someother times only USA vendors.

  13. Daily Transcripts

    They are a small company specializing in TRANSCRIPTIONS for Entertainment companies on daily delivery, hence our name "Daily Transcripts." They will do an accuracy test on your document and, you will need to be in the range of 92 to 100% accuracy to be considered for this project. Their pay rate is between $15-45 per 30 mins of transcribed material.

  15. E-Typist

    They require excellent skills and high quality work product of their team members, and consider only applicants with a minimum of three years’ legal transcription experience. The applicants must have a minimum of 60 wpm typing speed, and have excellent command of English language and legal terminology.

  17. eTranscription Solutions

    e Transcription Solutions is always looking to expand our transcriptionist base. You must possess typing speed of not less than 80 wpm with experience in transcribing multiple voices and have experience in trascribing focus groups.

  19. GMR Transcription

    They are always looking for quality transcriptionists. You must be an applicant within the US or CANADA for your resume to be accepted and you are required to fill their typist application form and submit it to be considered.

  21. JHTS Transcription

    The JHTS team is a worldwide team of individuals with a wealth of transcription experience. Members may be anywhere in the world but must have English as their first language. All UK members of the team are registered as self-employed.

  23. Clark Fork Communications, Inc.

  24. They have openings for both Corporate and Legal transcriptionists. You must be a U.S. citizen residing in the U.S. As an independent contractor you work when you want to, provided work is available. All applicants must go through a test for which they do not charge any fee. They may ask for and check references.

Friday, October 14, 2011

General Transcription from Home

Do you want to transcribe from home?

If you are a professional transcriber and want to work from home transcribing audio files, there are opportunities for you to earn money online. You need to have a good typing speed; good at english and grammar in order to be eligible for the projects to transcribe from home. Below i am going to list out some web portals where you can register and apply for the home based position.

  1. AppenScribe

  2. AppenScribe is a transcription company based in Australia. They pay you through PayPal fortnightly.

  3. ADS Services Inc

  4. They offer part-time positions in transcription. Work can be performed either in their office in Harvard Square or at home.

  5. American High-Tech Transcription

  6. They outsource work on a daily basis to independent contractors who may live anywhere in the U.S. Online test is required.

  7. Caset Associates, Ltd.

  8. They have at home positions, both for full time and part time contractors. Assignments are for all contactors across the worl.  Transcribers are paid by the page and earn $16-$22 per hour.

  9. Viable Technologies

  10. Viable Technologies, Inc. (VTI) is committed to developing affordable, high quality technology that gives students with hearing loss equal access to higher education.

  11. Scribie

  12. Scribie offers home based transcription projects for all those who want to work remotely. They pay $10 per hour for each audio.

  13. Verbal Ink Transcription

  14. Verbal Ink Transcription Services, are leading and most trusted transcription services in the industry. They are always looking for highly skilled transcriptionists.

  15. Vitac

  16. At VITAC, you work on programs that air on the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, PBS, BBC America, Sundance Channel, Lifetime, BET, and many others.

  17. TigerFish

  18. You must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident, in order to be working on TigerFish transcription projects.

  19. Talk2Type

  20. Talk2Type has independent contractor, telecommuter, and part-time/full-time staff positions available for Transcribers.

  21. Fantastic Transcripts

  22. Currently they don't have project to work from home, but you can send them your applications and they will contact you when they can offer work-at-home employment again.

  23. Mulberry Studio

  24. Full-time and part-time transcription and proofreading positions are available either on-site, in their Harvard Square office, or on a freelance contractual basis from your home.

  25. Quicktate

  26. Quicktate hires home workers to transcribe their voice files. When you register and apply with quicktate, they will review your appliacation and if you are through it, you can start working on their projects.

    Your comments are valuable, so let me know your thoughts on the above post.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Accountancy or Bookkeeping from Home

Are you an accountant or bookkeeper?

There are online opportunities for accountants or bookkeepers as well; they can also now earn money working at home and be a virtual acccountant. I am going to list out such virtual accountant opportunities below. Few have an ongoing requirement and few recruit based on the openings with them.

  1. Accounting Department
  2. is currently seeking experienced bookkeepers who are interested in working from home on a full time basis.

  3. Bateman & Co
  4. They are currently seeking telecomutting staff accountants who want to work part-time at home and who are basically stay at home moms or dads.

  5. Bookminders
  6. They are seeking to hire qualified accounting professionals who will work from their homes as their employees, providing accounting and bookkeeping services to their small business and non-profit clients.

  7. Balance Your Books
  8. They are looking for self-motivated candidates, who can provide superior and responsive bookkeeping services for clients via their home computer. We offer a competitive salary, a family friendly environment, and an outstanding opportunity to telecommute.

  9. Click Accounts
  10. ClickAccounts is always looking for creative, talented individuals that believe in their core values and can assist them to be the best BPO service provider in accounting and bookkeeping area.

  11. Enterprise Recovery Systerms
  12. They are looking for self-motivated individual who is not afraid to tackle a challenge, and possess excellent work ethics.

  13. Flex Jobs - Accounting

    Its a web portal which lists out various accounting and finance telecommuting opportunities for contract work, full and part time flexible schedules. Telecomutting careers are open to entry level as well as more experienced professionals that are good with math, self-motivated and able to meet deadlines.
  15. Tad Accounting
    TAD expects to hire highly qualified, dedicated employees who have the ability to meet their expectations. The work you do each day affects directly each client with which you work.

  17. Tax Help 911
  18. With Tax Help 911, you can work from home to be able to process their client returns. You can concentrate on growing your client base without worrying about high software costs and overhead headaches.

  19. Virtual Accountants
  20. If you are a professional accountant or bookkeeper looking to expand your book of business either full or part time and would like to become a Virtual Accountant and work with other accounting/bookkeeping firms in your area supporting them with their remote staffing support needs, then please contact them today by email, phone or fax as they have an excellent opportunity to become part of the national team.

  21. VT Audit
  22. If you have experience in processing payroll, or you have worked with bills of lading in shipping and receiving, you can join their team of home based auditors creating workers compensation and / or general liability audits for Property & Casualty Insurance clients nationwide. You will be trained in-house or via web cast.

  23. Warrener Stewart

    They are currently recruiting freelance/part-time bookkeepers on behalf of certain of their clients.

Any comments, or any queries regarding the above post, please post below

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get paid to blogging - Few More List of Website That Pay You to Blog

Turn your passion of writing into blogging and earn money:

In continuation to my previous post about blogging and different ways to monetize it, i would like to get to your attention few more list of websites which lets you to earn money blogging. Please check below for the list of websites.

  1. Link Worth - Link Post

  2. A LinkPost is a paid blog post written by a blogger within the LinkWorth community. You get access to thousands of advertisers hungry for reviews. They also have a variety of payment options. You can receive payouts monthly by cheque, PayPal, direct depost, or Wire.

  3. Loud Launch

  4. Add your blog or blogs for review. Follow your blog(s) approval view Advertiser's "Live Campaigns". Select to blog about Campaign Releases that match your interests. Blog away, get free writing and marketing coaching whenever you like, and earn. Get paid every 30 days.

  5. Pay Per Post

  6. PayPerPost lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject.

  7. PayU2Blog

  8. PayU2Blog makes sure that blogger receive a steady steam of work each week and don't feel they have to compete for their paid blogging assignments. You get paid every 2 weeks via PayPal.

  9. Review Me

  10. Submit your Site for inclusion into their Review Me publisher network. If approved your site will enter their Review Me marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you. It is upto you to decide to accept the review or not. You will be paid $20 ti $200 for each completed review that you pose on your site.

  11. Sponsered Reviews

  12. With Sponsered Reviews, you can earn cash by writing honest reviews about their advertiser's products and services. You can write reviews in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience's interest.

  13. Smorty

  14. Write your opinion about peoples products and services to turn your daily blog updates into money. Smorty pay directly to your PayPal account. Apply with multiple blogs to generate income.

  15. Social Spark

  16. is a premium sponsorship marketplace that connects you directly with Advertisers who will compensate you to write blog posts about their products, services and websites on your own blog. Advertisers offer your "Opportunities" and you have the option of accepting, declining or negotiating with them.

  17. Snapbomb

  18. With Snapbomb advertisers pay you for your opinion. Find an opportunity, post a blog, and earn money right away. Make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month doing something that you love.

  19. Wise Bread

  20. Wise Bread gives you instant access to a thriving community of readers(over a million pageviews per month). They have a dedicated marketing team working behind the scenes to get our bloggers exposure and recognition in the blogosphere and mainstream media through social media through social media and press connections. Wise Bread bloggers are dedicated to living smart, savvy, and fun lives inspite of our limited resources. They value writers who are creative, resourceful, and internet-savvy.

    Do leave your comments down if you have anything to say about the post.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get paid for Blogging - List of Websites That Pay You to Blog

Has blogging been your passion? Why not earn money with your blogs?

Those who have passion for blogging can now just not only blog their interests but also earn money with the blogs they post. There are many websites online where you can register, submit your blogs and then get paid to all of your quality blogs. I am going to list out below the websites which lets you register, blog and earn money.

  1. BloggingAds

  2. They are looking for bloggers to post one-time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for you to earn money by doing nothing more than you already do - post to your blog. They pay through Paypal. You must have a Paypal account to be paid.

  3. Blogitive

  4. Bloggitive helps you generate buzz online and build up links to your company website. With a network of bloggers established over years of business Blogitive provides you with a way to get thousands of qualified websites to reference your business in their own words.

  5. BlogsVertise

  6. They assign tasks to registered members with the internet website address and what to talk about on their blog. The topics/tasks will be simply emailed to you once your account registration is approved. They offer a variety of advertising income opportunities for bloggers. It pays you through paypal per blog ad, for advertising about the advertisers internet website.

  7. Blogger Wave

  8. Their private label program pays one of the highest commissions. They always design our private label sites around the needs of our members - if they're happy then they'll pay, which means you make money, Some of private label partners earn $10,000 plus each month. Whether you're a brand owner, an individual entrepreneur, online marketer, blogger or have an existing site, this is the best solution for you.

  9. Blog to Profit

  10. Now you have a way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog! No Kidding! Join this exciting new program and get your first order after your blog is reviewed! How does it work? We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!

  11. Blog Distributor

  12. Approximately 25% of bloggers now get paid to write postings on their blogs and link those postings to websites. The reason that these blog postings are valuable is that, when they are linked to websites, those websites will achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Then those websites will sell more of their service or product. Those websites are willing to pay for your assistance. They will pay you to write blog postings on your blog and link them to our clients' websites.

  13. Bloggertizer

  14. Write articles or post links about/for products, services and websites. Only write on those subjects that interest you and your readers and earn cash for every post.

  15. BlogBurner

  16. Get your free blog on BlogBurner and just post to your blog - and get paid. The site was designed to allow you to write content which they will market and you both will make money.

  17. Contexual Style

  18. Increase the content on your blog and make extra cash from your blog

  19. Creative Weblogging
  20. We provide high quality editorial written by our staff writers. We work with 200+ freelance writers who are journalists, bloggers, consultants and always experts in their respective field. Our content is lively, engaging and relates to its audience

  21. Day Tipper

  22. They provide high quality editorial written by our staff writers. They work with 200+ freelance writers who are journalists, bloggers, consultants and always experts in their respective field.
    Their content is lively, engaging and relates to its audience

  23. Digital Journal
  24. Post breaking news, opinion pieces, news missed by the mainstream press and topic that interest you. You can do everything listed for fun, but also get paid to report news as a Digital Journalist

  25. Buy Blog Reviews
  26. Get paid to blogging on your favourite subject. The best way to monetize your blog is to write reviews about their websites. You get paid per post. The more you post, the more money you make.

    Would love to see your opinions and views on this post, so do drop your comments below.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Freelance Content Writing - List of websites online

Is your passion writing creative content?
If you are one among those passionate writers who could write a creative content for the public to read and also would like to make money home with your posts, then freelance content writing is the best option for you. There are quite a few webportals which allow artists to write creative content for them, publish it and make money for yourselves online.
Just like my other posts, i am going to list out the websites which pay for content writing. Few websites pay you upfront for writing and submitting creative original content for them, few pay according to the pageviews or number of hits you receive for the article. There are also freelancing websites which allow you to bid for the projects, to write articles or content.
  • Listed below websites pay you upfront.
  1. Constant Content
  2. Word Play Content
  3. Daily Article
  4. Text Broker(Only for United States)
  5. Demand Studios
  6. Essay Writers
  7. Seed
  8. Bright Hub
  9. Words of Worth
  • List of websites that pay for the number of pageviews
  1. Triond
  2. Squidoo
  3. Hubpages
  4. Suite101
  5. Shvoong
  6. Redgage
  7. Helium
  8. Associated Content
  9. Qondio
  10. Gzyn
  11. Bukisa
  12. Xomba
  13. Infobarrel
Also check the link for the article on freelance content writing to know more descriptive information.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is your talent Photography ?

Earn Money from your Photography
Are you talented and good at photography and can take pictures like a professional, then you can work from home and earn money with your talent. I am gonna list out below the web portals where you can register, upload and sell your creative photographs, and earn money from it.

  1. Shutterpoint
  3. iStockPhoto
  4. Fotolia
  5. Big Stock Photo
  6. SuperStock
  7. StockedPhotos
  8. Stockxpert
  9. Scoopt
  10. PhotoSpin
  11. PhotoBox
  12. ImageVorex
  13. DreamsTime
  14. Crestock
  15. 123RF
  16. Can Stock Photo
  17. FeaturePics
  18. MicroStockPhoto
  19. Paxxion

Do let me know your views or queries on this post with your comments below

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jobs requiring No Experience

No Experience Jobs: 
There are numerous jobs that require no experience to earn little extra cash online. I have listed below various such opportunities below here.
  1. Fusion Cash(US Residents Only)
  3. Your Data(US Residents Only)
  5. Swag Bucks
  7. Hits4Pay
  9. Project Per Day(US Residents Only)
  11. Treasure Trooper
  13. Survey Adventure(US Residents Only)

Customer Care Telecommuting Jobs Across the World

Customer Care Job List:
There are plenty of Customer Care online job opportunities to work from home for all people residing in US, both Non Resident Indians and Residents of USA. I am going to list out most of the customer care job list below.

  1. 1-800-Flowers
  3. 1-800-Contacts
  5. Alpine Access
  7. Aura Log
  9. Advanis
  11. ACD Direct
  13. Arise
  15. ARO
  17. Ansofone
  19. Accolade Support
  21. Blue Zebra
  23. Call Desk
  25. Customer Service Review
  27. Convergys
  29. Channel Blend
  31. Customer Loyalty Concepts
  33. Cloud 10 Corp
  35. eCallogy
  37. Exclusive Car Service
  39. Fonemed
  41. Intrep
  43. Interpeller
  45. JLodge
  47. Kowal & Associates Inc
  49. LiveOps
  51. Lunarpages
  53. Live Agent
  55. Niteo Services
  57. NEW Corp
  59. OnPoint Advocacy
  61. Professional Dispath Services
  63. Ring Central
  65. Server Point
  67. Siris Solutions Group
  69. Smart Office Solutions
  71. Secure Call Management
  73. TeleTech
  75. Time Communications
  77. VoiceLog
  79. VIP Desk
  81. West at Home
  83. Working Solutions
  85. XAct TeleSolutions