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Friday, October 14, 2011

General Transcription from Home

Do you want to transcribe from home?

If you are a professional transcriber and want to work from home transcribing audio files, there are opportunities for you to earn money online. You need to have a good typing speed; good at english and grammar in order to be eligible for the projects to transcribe from home. Below i am going to list out some web portals where you can register and apply for the home based position.

  1. AppenScribe

  2. AppenScribe is a transcription company based in Australia. They pay you through PayPal fortnightly.

  3. ADS Services Inc

  4. They offer part-time positions in transcription. Work can be performed either in their office in Harvard Square or at home.

  5. American High-Tech Transcription

  6. They outsource work on a daily basis to independent contractors who may live anywhere in the U.S. Online test is required.

  7. Caset Associates, Ltd.

  8. They have at home positions, both for full time and part time contractors. Assignments are for all contactors across the worl.  Transcribers are paid by the page and earn $16-$22 per hour.

  9. Viable Technologies

  10. Viable Technologies, Inc. (VTI) is committed to developing affordable, high quality technology that gives students with hearing loss equal access to higher education.

  11. Scribie

  12. Scribie offers home based transcription projects for all those who want to work remotely. They pay $10 per hour for each audio.

  13. Verbal Ink Transcription

  14. Verbal Ink Transcription Services, are leading and most trusted transcription services in the industry. They are always looking for highly skilled transcriptionists.

  15. Vitac

  16. At VITAC, you work on programs that air on the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, PBS, BBC America, Sundance Channel, Lifetime, BET, and many others.

  17. TigerFish

  18. You must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident, in order to be working on TigerFish transcription projects.

  19. Talk2Type

  20. Talk2Type has independent contractor, telecommuter, and part-time/full-time staff positions available for Transcribers.

  21. Fantastic Transcripts

  22. Currently they don't have project to work from home, but you can send them your applications and they will contact you when they can offer work-at-home employment again.

  23. Mulberry Studio

  24. Full-time and part-time transcription and proofreading positions are available either on-site, in their Harvard Square office, or on a freelance contractual basis from your home.

  25. Quicktate

  26. Quicktate hires home workers to transcribe their voice files. When you register and apply with quicktate, they will review your appliacation and if you are through it, you can start working on their projects.

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