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Friday, August 5, 2011

India you can also work from home

Work at home opportunities are comparitively little less to Indians than US; You find plenty of opportunities to work from home in US, but for Indians its little less possible though not completely possible. You can't really predict anything in life and with the number of lay-offs happing around the world, one really cant be restful about their job certainity. So it is always better to look around alternative opportunities to earn money before its too late, instead of regretting later when things are out of your hand and everything has fallen apart. I figured there are many possible alternative ways to earn money, working as a freelancer / telecommuter / independent contractor or you can take up some online business like affiliate marketing, flip websites etc. Most of the freelancing opportunities require some good enough experience, though, but the determination is something which brings plenty of opportunities at your doorstep which helps in making a living on your own. I have listed out few such opportunities below.
  1. Key for Cash
  2. With Key for Cash, you dont need any previous work experience except good typing skills without errors. There is no guarantee of continuous work in here, but, ofcourse, you can make little extra cash to pay bills.
  3. Bid Ocean
  4. Some projects with Bid Ocean require experience and some you just need to get through the qualification test.
  5. Quicktate
  6. Quicktate also does not need experience professional to handle their transcription projects, you just need to have good typing and great listening skills along with good English and Grammatical knowledge.
  7. Working Solutions
  8. Projects are available both of Data Entry and Transcription services and you dont need to very well experienced.
  9. Perennial Solutions
  10. Parttime homebased transcription jobs for Indians; you dont need any specific experience but go through a qualification test.
  11. LionBridge
  12. LionBridge offers various home based projects. Signup and sift through different jobs available.
  13. Website Testers
  14. You can also get paid for testing websites simply. Following are the websites where you can register and qualify yourself to test websites and earn atleast $10 per website testing.
  15. MyLot
  16. Earn money for creating and posting forums, commenting other forums etc.
  17. GlobaltestMarket
  18. It is a website where you have to participate in surverys and earn money. You earn some points for each survey done and once you reach minimum 1000 points you can convert it to cash and withdraw.
  19. Freelance / telecommute / part time online projects web portal
  20. Appenscribe
  21. Those who have atleast 2 years of working experience of general transcription can apply at Appenscribe and get to work on their online projects.
  22. Online Tutors Required
  23. Given below are the websites where you can register, get selected and teach online to students without having to travel anywhere.


  1. This is an excellent post, thank you very much. I understand that you cannot personally vouch for their trustworthiness, but may I please know if you have chosen the firms in your list after some sort of verification to ascertain whether they actually pay the people they hire? I do not intend to question the quality of research you have clearly done to come up with such a list, nor shall I hold you responsible for any potential misdealing with the companies should I find employment with them, but then I am rather apprehensive because I have heard of a number of scams running in India in the name of lucrative home-based jobs!

    1. Hello Abhiroop,

      Thank you for stopping by and writing your thoughtful words. Well, the only thing i would like to suggest you is to try them out as they not going to charge you to register or work for them. I myself have tried few and they are all scam free.

  2. Thank you for the prompt response, Elvirah. I am off to try and earn some cash now :-)

    I shall try to come back and share feedback on this blog.

  3. Hi Elvirah, keyforcash has now been rebranded as VirtualBee.


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